E-Commerce Catalogue Management


E-Commerce Catalogue Management

E-commerce websites have become the need of the day with online shopping gaining tremendous popularity. If you are looking for ways to push sales of your products and reach out to the online shopper, you must have your e-commerce catalogue well set-up and ready for business.

Getting your Products Online

The internet is flooded with numerous e-commerce websites that make it easy for you to reach out to your prospective online customers and push sales of your products. However, creating an online catalogue of your entire products portfolio on multiple e-commerce websites is a time-consuming task. Moreover, you must follow stringent guidelines and meet strict content parameters to get accepted on these sites. Lohia Networks steps in here!

Lohia Networks is a dependable third party agency that offers high quality E-Commerce Cataloguing and E-Commerce Catalogue Management Services to E-Commerce Retailers.

Irrespective of what you sell – clothes, furniture, jewellery, or gadgets; we can help you to build a strong e-commerce catalogue for your entire range of products. Much like a print catalogue, the e-catalogue will showcase your products in an eye-catching and attractive manner.

Lohia Networks E-Commerce Cataloguing Services – How it Works?

  1. We create an electronic catalogue of your products and services in top most e-commerce websites.
  2. We upload images of your products and fill necessary information templates for all your products under relevant categories and sub-categories in each of the e-commerce websites, while adhering to the necessary parameters as defined by them.
  3. We get the templates approved so that your e-commerce catalogue is ready for business.

Why Us?

  • Hands-On Experience: We possess years of experience in ecommerce cataloguing and have successfully assisted numerous e-commerce retailers in finding more customers on the web.
  • Proven Expertise: Working as a reputed e-commerce cataloguing agency has put us in touch with some of the biggest e-commerce websites of India such as Snapdeal, Flipkart, Amazon etc. We know what it takes to prepare a perfect e-commerce catalogue that meets all necessary quality guidelines.
  • Dedicated Team: We have an impressive and skilled team of e-cataloging experts who understand the subtle nuances of what works and what does not work online.
  • Professional Service: We take away the stress from e-commerce cataloguing activities so you can concentrate on your core tasks.

What we need from the Seller?

  • Brand Approval by the portals.
  • Log-in ID and password of the seller for each portal.
  • Basic information about the product.
  • Product Images that meet the guidelines defined by different portals. (We also provide photo shoot services for products.)

What We Do?

  • Collect the basic information and product images from the seller.
  • Content Writing and Cataloging of the products.
  • Add the relevant details in the template of E-commerce websites.
  • Add product pictures depending on the portal’s requirements.
  • Upload/submit the details to the portal.
  • Check status of the submissions on a daily basis.
  • QC files for any clarification or modifications required.
  • Approve files.
  • Make all the products LIVE.

Our Cataloging Partners: We are authorized catalogue partners of

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