E-Commerce Content Writing


E-Commerce Content Writing

Selling products and services online through e-commerce websites is one of the smartest ways of reaching out to online shoppers, across the globe. Breaking through the barriers of distance and time, your e-commerce catalogue presents your products to prospective customers 24×7, 365 days of the year.

However, one thing that is missing on the web is your sales staff. No matter how attractive your products may look through the pictures you post, there is no one to convince the shoppers to buy your products instead of those of your competitors. How then should you enhance the customer’s shopping experience and present your products in the best possible manner?

The answer is simple; Hire Lohia Networks E-Commerce Content Writing Services and grab the attention of prospective buyers.

  • When you hire our e commerce content writing service, you get high quality, unique and keyword rich descriptions for your products.
  • Our well crafted descriptions support your presence on these websites and energize your sales pitch; convincing customers to make a purchase.
  • We pay special attention to SEO, making sure that our e-commerce content writing caters to both human readers and search engines; our aim is to have your products show up on search results, too.
  • What sets apart our services from others is our attention to detailing and our experienced writing team who have proven expertise in writing unique content for e-commerce websites.
  • With our writing team by your side, you can be assured of high quality product descriptions, specs, user manuals and instructions that cut through the clutter and make your products stand out on every major e-commerce website in India.

Here’s how we do it –

LohiaNetworks has a strong and skilled team of writing professionals who are engaged in the entire Content Review process. This is done through the client’s extranet (web based asset management application).

Based on the option and features available in the application, our experts give ratings and approval, as well as provide reasons for rejection or acceptance of content, etc, as per the client’s instructions or guidelines.