Feet on the Street


Feet on the Street

Marketing is more about being relevant and making an impact at the point-of-sale, so one cannot rely only on mere advertisement on TV, in newspapers or magazines to reach the customers. Lohia Networks indulges in marketing activities through ‘Feet on the Street’ initiatives for acquiring accurate data from the right people. We believe in building a client’s brand name in every part of the country.

We have a vast channel of marketing or data acquiring representatives who reach the right people in small cities for promoting the presence of a company. This in turn, helps our clients to be more cost-effective. With a team of efficient people, we get the best results which we further scrutinize and deliver to our clients in the desired formats.

We make the best use of technology to acquire data through ‘Feet on the Street’ resources through the use of smartphones to collect data and images. We also design small apps for such android machines which can be used to acquire quality quantitative data. These ‘feet on the street’ resources are well experienced, well-equipped professionals who understand our clients’ needs and work efficiently using cost-effective tools.

Our Esteemed Clients


Quikr.com is a classified website for used vehicles, mobiles and tablets, Electronics and Appliances, etc. 

Lohia Networks has worked on Quikr’s promotion initiatives and has organized activities related to Data Acquisition for used products and vehicles.





TradusAds.in a classified website for used vehicles and other products.

Lohia Networks has handled data acquisition for used vehicles with photo shoot services.


ibibo.com India’s fastest growing online community.

Maruti Suzuki ibibo iFilmMaker – be an actor, actress and director in India’s unique online short film contest. Sponsered by Maruti Suzuki and ibibo.com

Lohia Networks has indulged in collecting videos from different participants all over India for the contest.