Image Keywording


Keywording service: (dedicated website for keywording by Lohia Networks Pvt. Ltd)

No two images are alike and hence the description varies. We do Keywording on (stands for Keywording Application), developed by us. Kwapp is web based asset management software developed by our in-house team. It is designed with the purpose of easy and accurate Keywording. Various features of Kwapp such as Group check, List check, Captions check, Controlled vocabulary, Synonyms, and many more are developed to help minimize errors and maximize efficiency.

We are providing the Keywording service for the last decade and the management has the experience of more than 15 years in the Stock Photo industry with the staff of more than 100 employees for still and videos both. Till date we have keyworded more than a million images.

Why Keywording at Lohia Networks:

Controlled Vocabulary:
Controlled vocabulary makes a database easier to search. has a list of industry standardized words or phrases used in a particular database for better and perfect Keywording. Since we have many different ways of describing concepts, drawing all of these terms together under a single word or phrase in a database makes searching the database more efficient as it eliminates guess work.

LohiaNetworks provides a feature of adding words with similar meaning that makes our keyworders more intuitive while keywording an image or video clip. So if you don’t have a sophisticated search engine than you might need synonyms along with the keywords.

Model Release Management:

We at LohiaNetworks care for each model release where we add model‘s age and ethnicity in keywording.

Keywording Delivery Formats:

We at LohiaNetworks guarantees for offering all kind of delivery formats which are as below:

Getty Images format: Proper submission format for with Preflight Tool Implementation to make your submission acceptable to without any rejection.

Alamy format:  proper submission format for with separation of Essential, Main and Comprehensive keywords and other required information. We are highest ranked keywording service provider at

Istock format: Being Partner company with, we add top 5 keywords with other requirement for format: Submission format for as per required information and accordingly changed keywords for Age Range, Image Attributes etc.

We also provide submission formats for other stock websites on request such as:

  • etc

Affordable Prices

Keywording for your images is as low as 10 cents per image (depending upon delivery format and other requirements)


Metadata Services

We at LohiaNetworks are also excel in Metadata services along with Keywording

  • Adding Model Releases ID in Excel
  • Content Classification and adding categories for big distributors
  • Age/Ethnicity Column
  • Synonyms and Thesaurus

Delivery Time:

We can Keyword images within 24 hours depending upon the number of images.

Delivery of Keywords:

  • Excel/CSV File with Columns according to format requirement
  • Embedded keywords in Low Resolution files – via XMP


Our main Keywording Clients are