International Recruitment


International Recruitment

Our international recruitment services help our clients to leverage the talent pool from various parts of the world and get the best people on the job. We understand the value of global workforce and the key role that human resources play in your business. Therefore, we have been working on providing the top quality workforce from all over the world. Hiring the best talent can significantly improve any business and that is the reason we have been emphasizing on this aspect. There are a number of tasks and processes associated with our recruitment services.

Visa Assistance

There is a lot of documentation related work when it comes to hiring the international employees. Visa often remains a concern. There are two important tasks related to the Visa applications.

  • Employment Visa
  • Work Permits

It depends on the country where you are hiring the employee and the laws of that country. Therefore, a lot of documentation and other procedures are required in order to get the permissions. Our services help you to avoid any kind of trouble due to such formalities and we complete them for you.

Travel Arrangements

There are often the requirement of making the travel related arrangements. Whether it is about the ticketing arrangement or the stay of the hired employees or any related matter, we assist you and we make sure that your budget is well managed. Thus, we do all this for you while keeping your budget to the minimum.

Orientation Program

After the hiring process is completed, there is often the requirement of an orientation program. This is conducted to give some brief information about the company to the hired employees and make them aware about the whole processes to be followed. Before they start working for you, it is a good opportunity for them to gear up for this task. That is the reason we conduct orientation programs, thereby making things easy for you.

Medical Check Up

It is important to keep a check on the physical fitness of the employees at the time of hiring. This is not only important from employer’s perspective but also needs to be done as per the corporate laws. Ensuring the health and fitness of your employees is one of the top concerns for your business and therefore, you should do that. We help you in getting the medical check-up done, and hence the entire process becomes convenient for you.

How We Do It?

We have been working in this field of international talent recruitment and management for quite some time. We have enough expertise in this area and our presence across various industries and in all parts of the world gives us a distinct advantage over others. In order to ensure the most effective talent management, we have developed strong relations with all the major players in various industries along with the government agencies. Our huge database helps us to leverage the best resources worldwide and fit them in the right positions so that they can best serve the world.

Our main purpose is to get the best talent for your business and help them to adjust in your business environment. And we constantly strive for that.