Meta Tagging


Meta Tagging

Images have the power to communicate complex messages with ease. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words. However, there are times when even the most well designed images need the support of words. This is where we step in!

Most stock image websites have strict guidelines for submitting images and illustrations. Hence, when submitting your portfolio, you must make sure your Meta data is up to date and relevant. After all, the way you tag your images often determine whether or not they will be easily found by users who search for relevant images on these stock illustration websites.

We are an experienced Stock Image Meta Tagging Service provider – a pioneer in the field of Meta Tagging. Hire us to define unique Meta Tags for your stock images and see how your images grab eyeballs on every stock image website with ease.

Meta Tagging is the process of writing and inserting relevant Meta Tags (Title, Description, and Keywords or Tags) for each image on a stock illustration website. These tags improve the chances of an image being found when a user searches for them using different keywords or tags that define the images.

Title: A short sentence that works as the image title.

Description: A few sentences that describe what the image is about.

Keywords OR Tags: Relevant words and phrases that describe who is in the picture, what are they doing, where was the picture taken, what is the picture about, etc.

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  • Optimising Meta tags and inserting individual, unique tags for each of your images to stock illustration websites can be a very lengthy and time consuming activity. We make your job easy by taking over the entire process of Meta tagging, making sure that you benefit from it without having to spend numerous hours doing it yourself.
  • Our Meta Tagging experts are experienced professionals, well aware of all the nuances that go into making a Meta tag truly relevant so that your images are easily found through searches and gain maximum views.
  • No matter how small or large your order may be, we are capable of delivering high quality Meta Tags within your budget and timeframe.                                           

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