Photography Service


Photography Service

We occupy a unique niche in the advertising industry within the realm of assignment photography. We produce high-end digital still images, videos and other interactive multimedia content. Our clients include leading Corporate Firms, Hotel Chains and Advertising Agencies, E-Commerce Websites, Social Networking Websites, Travel Portals and many other businesses. We have an impressive brand portfolio of 100+ clients including Samsung, FabIndia, LG, ICI, Dabur, etc.

Some of our work is showcased here:

List of our Photography Services

  • Fashion Photography – We capture the look and style-quotient of latest fashion clothing, footwear and fashion accessories for advertisements, magazines, etc.
  • Food Photography – Our high-quality, visually appetising photographs of food items and delicacies can take audiences on a gastronomic journey.
  • Hotel Photography – We capture the beauty, architecture, and ambience of hotels with our Hotel Photography service. Our stunning photographs are ideal for websites, advertisements, brochures and magazines, etc.
  • Restaurant Photography – Making a good first impression is easy with our Restaurant Photography service. Every photograph catches the essence of each restaurant beautifully.
  • Lifestyle photography – From portraits and real-life incidents to landscapes and personal stories, our lifestyle photographers are adept at handling all these settings.
  • Product Photography – Our high-end product photographs connect instantly with the viewers and arouse an interest in the product / brand. We use high quality props, proper lighting and apt backgrounds to get the desired results.
  • Travel Photography – We represent the history, culture, landscapes and traditions of people in different places through our impressive travel photography service.
  • Creative Wedding Photography – Capturing special moments and unforgettable memories is our forte. We deliver life-like wedding photographs to be shared for years to come.
  • 360 Degree Views – Our Panoramic Photographers can bring alive any location or product with high-resolution photographs and interactive virtual tours.
  • Corporate Videos – We design and deliver excellent quality audio-visual materials for use in corporate communications by a plethora of companies.

At Lohia Networks, innovation with speed and imagination is emphasized in whatever we do for our clients, employees, investors, and for the society at large. We have a team of professional and experienced photographers with high-end digital cameras and all the necessary equipment, not only in our hometown but anywhere in India.

If professionalism, 24X7 services, efficiency, affordable price, quick turnaround, state-of-the-art technology and an expert group of experienced photographers is what you need, we assure you of all this and more when you hire us.

Our vision does not end here. We realize the importance of, and the values attached with each assignment awarded to us and we look forward to building an enduring relationship with our clients. When we work with you, we understand your requirements thoroughly and try to meet your smallest suggestions.

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